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What Past Clients Have Said:

Chelsea gave a multitude of techniques to achieve the results I saw. She provided affirmations, meal and snack ideas, grocery lists, taught me how to check in with my hunger quotient, build balanced plates, mindful eating techniques, and ways to be more conscious and not judgmental about myself and others!

I saw better mindset, habit building, less guilt, less pressure, and just a better relationship with food. I have learned techniques to stop bad body image days as well. 

Chelsea was absolutely amazing and truly helped me so much. I am much less worried about all the small things and now see health and nutrition as a lifelong thing and not as dieting and something to go back and forth on. I could not recommend her enough!


- Julia 

I just completed my second program with Chelsea, and it was magnificent! My journey with Chelsea has been invaluable. It taught me about nutrition in a way that I had never been taught before, in a way I think everyone should be taught about nutrition.


My first 3-month program, that I completed last year, brought me back to basics, paving the way to nurturing my body mindfully and learning about what foods made me feel better than others, as well basic but transformational daily practices like water intake, incorporating movement, and mindful snacking!


The second 3-month program I completed, brought everything full circle. I feel very in tune with my body, listening to what it needs or doesn’t need. Chelsea’s knowledge and incredible support through this whole journey made it much easier to fall into this natural way of eating, enjoying foods, and loving my body just as it is.


Chelsea is approachable, understanding, and adaptive to your needs, which makes all the difference when each person has different goals. What I loved the most was her regular check-in’s with me. It made me feel cared for and understood. She would really listen to what you had to say and provide insightful and thoughtful responses. I highly recommend Chelsea’s programs, for anyone! 

- Gabi

I saw results in the first few weeks while working with Chelsea such as more confidence in my food choices & meals, eating healthier, and implementing little changes that increased my energy overall. Within 4-5 weeks I learned to take the pressure off food as well as after
working with Chelsea. My mindset was a big part of how I treated food and “dieting”. Now I
feel confident in my food choices and enjoy eating healthy, while still enjoying the foods I love with a good balance. I can honestly say that Chelsea and her program helped boost my overall mood to a positive one and gave me the tools needed to move forward after the 3 months of working together.

I think the way her program is set-up throughout the ten weeks
makes so much sense (especially in the end I could see how it all came together with purpose). I also really appreciated the fact that Chelsea never forced anything on me. Her approach was the come up with ideas together that I thought I could take-on each week and give me her professional suggestions (if I wanted to use them or not was my decision).
She was able to give me challenges without making me feel like a failure if I didn’t accomplish each task/goal every week.

- Holly

Over the time frame of working with Chelsea, I began to see results quickly. A specific result I noticed early would be habit building and increased energy. Even my coworkers noticed the positive change! I also became more in tune with my body throughout the day and began making sure I wasn’t going too long without eating and was staying hydrated.

I loved how Chelsea’s approach was nonjudgmental and how she didn’t label habits or foods as “good” or “bad.” Chelsea was very supportive and provided positive reinforcement, positive suggestions, and checked in between sessions to see how I was doing with my goals, which shows that she is really invested in helping her clients reach their goals. 

- Joanna

Chelsea is very easy to talk to. She is kind, positive, thoughtful, and patient. I never felt judged or pressured to change. Chelsea has a high level of empathy, and PASSION for what she does. I felt inspired after each session!

Chelsea’s method was effective because it felt like food therapy. I was able to talk about my relationship with food day to day, and how I felt after eating (or not eating) and what my fears/goals were and how they evolved.


This approach worked very well for me, as it helped me feel empowered to make my own decisions instead of someone telling me what to do. 

- Mike

I loved how Chelsea catered her program to you. Although she has a structure of how her program runs, she doesn’t just go in order. Instead she talks about things that relate to you currently and she will change the session to another topic from what she was planning if she thinks it will relate better to you in the current session.

I was definitely a little nervous to commit at first because I never invested in myself like that before, but I am SO glad I did! Chelsea’s program will always be one of the best investments I’ve made! She taught me so much and helped me reach my goals and I wouldn’t change one thing about my decision to work with Chelsea!

- Katie

Individual Nutrition Counseling

I work with each client to create an individualized nutrition program . By gaining an understanding of what your goals are and getting a detailed history, we will work together to determine what is best for you and your lifestyle!

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